Jenna is a journalist, blogger, actor, director, editor, administrative assistant, student, and elephant-adoptee. Despite being so young, Jenna’s determination and ambition outweighs the average teenager. Not only was she awarded dux of years 11 & 12 (2009/10), but her final high school grading placed her in the top 10% of the state. She has just graduated with a Bachelor of Media (PR & Advertising) at one of Sydney’s leading universities where she placed first in her course, and consequently, was awarded the Arts & Media Prize.

Aside from studying, Jenna enjoys browsing the Internet, reading, exercising and hanging out with friends and family. She works part-time at a real estate agency so knows the in’s and out’s of property. She is also, understandably, a Film/TV-addict who is lost without her favourite shows and films. Jenna is an avid-traveller who has travelled to places as far as Europe, America and China, alongside many beautiful Australian towns and cities. Despite this, she hopes to continue her travels in the near-future by venturing off to the United Kingdom, where she hopes to accidently ‘bump into’ One Direction.

Places I have visited around the world

Places I have visited in the USA


Places I have visited in Europe

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