Chatting (… and snapping!) with Yael Stone

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In a mere eight hours, the cast of Belvoir Theatre‘s production of The Blind Giant is Dancing will be taking its final bow to a sold-out audience.

Not only was I lucky enough to have front row tickets to this show during its 36-day run, but I was given the opportunity to meet one of its leading ladies, Yael Stone.

You may recognise Yael from her impeccable performance as Lorna Morello in Netflix‘s Orange is the New Black. Despite her strong New York brawl in the award winning television series, Yael hails from Sydney Australia and performs beside her real life husband (Dan Spielman) in this wonderful theatrical production.

It’s surreal being able to watch a brilliant live production and then getting the chance to meet a cast member afterwards (… especially when it’s Yael Stone)!

Belvoir Theatre organised a time straight after Saturday’s matinee show for the both of us to meet. After a quick wait, Yael walked out confidently into the foyer while vigorously looking around for me. Let me begin by admitting how adorably little Yael is. As a naturally tall person, it was incredible seeing how short she was in person, as opposed to in the show. Other than her scrumptious height, Yael is a natural beauty. Her smile has the ability to light up the darkest of rooms, and her personality is so welcoming. I admire how Yael doesn’t have to big note herself, and instead, remains true to herself. It’s an inspirational trait that is to be commended.


Yael then proceeded to sign my show program – in the most gorgeous handwriting I have ever seen – while casually chatting to me about my aspirations. She then asked whether I’d like a photo and took me to a corner of the foyer under a neon sign saying “HELLO”. I loved her enthusiasm about getting a photo and how she thought it would be awesome to get it taken in front of this unique sign. We took a few photos, and Yael made sure that we got the best one. It was awe-inspiring being able to spend a good ten minutes with such a talented, admirable human who I have been a fan of for so long. She is such a lovely, engaging talent who I am absolutely honoured to have spent time with. I made sure she let Dan Spielman (her husband and fellow cast member in the play) know how flawless his performance in the production was and she happily obliged stating, “He’s pretty amazing, isn’t he?” In all honesty, I just want to see the play again …. and again!


I’d now like to take the time to congratulate all those involved in The Blind Giant is Dancing on their incredible run. The cast and crew of this show are to be commended for their construction and delivery of such a thrilling live production. I have seen many plays in my life, and I can honestly say, that this was one of the best.

I have never ever seen a below-average show at Belvoir and would recommend their numerous productions to absolutely everybody. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

For more information on Belvoir Theatre, visit their website

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