Memorable Moments of 2015


Even though it’s already the fourth of January, I couldn’t resist writing a post reminiscing on the wondrous year that was 2015. Yes, there were good days and bad days, but I made memories that I will forever cherish.

As a result, here are my top ten moments of 2015:

  1. Meeting Taylor Schilling
    As many of you may know, I was lucky enough to be invited backstage at Taylor’s play, A Month In The Country.
    Read more about my experience here!
  2. Visiting New York City
    New York City is one of my favourite places on earth, so being able to visit this incredible city again was a dream come true. To make things even more special, it was my first time seeing snow! From Broadway shows to museum-galore, February in New York was magical. Oh! And don’t forget meeting Ruth Wilson and Jake Gyllenhaal!
    Read more about my experience here!
  3. Having dinner with Nia Peeples
    This night was well and truly surreal. I still have trouble talking about the night without mistaking it for a dream.
    Read more about my experience here! 
  4. Placing First for B. Media (PR & Advertising) at UNSW for 2015
    Some of you may not know that I was ranked first for my course in 2015. Consequently, in May, I will be receiving my college’s University Medal.
  5. Being a Finalist in Shay Mitchell’s Facebook Cover Photo Competition
    Now this was totally unexpected! Out of thousands of entries, the cover photo I designed for Shay was selected as one of her favourites and was subsequently posted on her Facebook page to an audience of over four million.
    Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 2.59.49 PM382349_973921999309551_4817896301270368274_n
  6. Being invited to the 5th AACTA Awards
    Mingling with some of Australia’s finest actors was truly unforgettable. As a passionate film & television viewer and a former actor, the opportunity to be surrounded by people you’ve grown up watching is truly spellbinding.
    Read more about my experience here! 
  7. Attending the University Ball
    Since I was homeschooled, I didn’t have a high school formal or prom, so being able to attend a university ball was fantastic! The night was full of laughs, drinks, fine food and a whole lot of dancing!
    Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 7.08.20 PM
  8. Meeting Amy Poehler 
    In June, I attended the Australian premiere of Inside Out and was lucky enough to be in the presence of my favourite comedienne of all time. What an incredible woman!
  9. Attending Oz Comic Con
    Not only was Oz Comic Con brilliant, but it was my first time ‘cosplaying’ with a group. A few friends and I dressed up as Clone Club from Orphan Black – I was Alison Hendrix! I also met the beautiful Olivia Hack and Lost Girl star, Kris Holden-Ried.
  10. Meeting new friends!
    I met so many amazing people in 2015 that I just had to include them in this list.

May 2016 bring us all even more happiness and a ton of memories!

Happy New Year!

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