The Show Must Go On …

The old saying goes, “All good things must come to an end.” And, it’s right.

Last night, I completed my second media internship at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

The past two weeks have flown like the biggest gust of wind. It feels just like yesterday that I received a call notifying me of my acceptance into the 2013 internship program, let alone having just completed my second round!

From assisting the crews of Studio 10 and Mornings to contacting regional news outlets about the success of their local competitors, the past fortnight has been a learning experience like no other.

While there were some minor lowlights, the highlights outweighed these by far. The women I worked beside were one in a million. Each and every member of the Royal Agricultural Society’s (RAS) media team and Coxinall’s public relations agency were committed to their jobs and adamant in teaching us some real life lessons. Yes, I admit that at some times it was stressful and I questioned my ability to work in such a taxing environment. I began to realise, however, that I was in the right place as I reaped the rewards of my hard work. There weren’t any physical rewards, but instead, a sense of utmost accomplishment.

As a rabbit lover, my colleagues made sure that I wrote about and took part in hosting Sydney Royal’s annual rabbit show, which I absolutely adored. Seeing that I know the ins and outs of rabbit breeding and stature, I met some lovely competitors including the phenomenal, John Porritt. Born in England during World War II, John’s fascination with the cute creatures began when his father allowed him to keep one, which was being sold as live stock. In 1949, he started participating in rabbit shows, and eventually, in 1972, he embarked on a career in judging after moving to Australia. Now in his 70s, John is regarded as one of Australia’s most distinguished rabbit judges. Meeting this inspiring man was one of the highlights of my experience interning at the Show. His kindness and compassionate nature is something I will forever cherish.

John Porritt with Sydney Royal’s ‘Best Rabbit in Show’.

I was also given the privilege of overlooking the Australian whipcracking championship at the Show. Never before have I been so immersed in such a unique competition. The “Pee-Wee” division was particularly impressive with seven-year-old Jada Kate Anderson from Nyngan, NSW taking the title and five-year-old Blake Kelly from Gunnedah, NSW coming in a close second. Don’t be deceived by their size though, because these kids can whip it real good. They even managed to perfect the difficulties of the good ol’ bullock whip. I was in awe of the competitors’ kindness and support for each other, despite geographical barriers. Every competitor was awarded a prize — deservingly — which was so beautiful to see. Let’s just say that I had a cracker of a time!

Blake Kelly

Blake Kelly

Jada Kate Anderson

Jada Kate Anderson

To be completely honest, I have so many amazing memories of my internship this year that I couldn’t possibly list them all. Not only did I meet so many amazing people, but I learnt so much about the media industry. Each day I worked beside the likes of Channel 10’s Melinda Nucifora and Channel 9’s Mike Dalton and had an absolute ball. Let’s just say that the 12-hour days paid off!

Now I’m off to eat some Easter Show treats!

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