Taking the Reins at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

Now, while some of you may have forgot about my recent (…well, not that recent) stint interning at the 2013 Sydney Royal Easter Show, I am proud to announce that I am working, once again, at this year’s Show. Despite the exhaustingly long hours, I am committed to representing the Royal Agricultural Society in the brightest light possible. I am honoured to have been invited to return for my second year.

About 900,000 people are expected to flock to this year’s Sydney Royal Easter Show at Olympic Park between April 10 and 23. And, this year a planned visit by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will make it a very ‘royal’ show, indeed.

Today, however, was dedicated to giving the media a preview of the in’s and out’s of this year’s events. And, let me assure you, they were impressed!

For the first time at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, Goin’ Ape – Gorillas In Your Midst will entertain show-goers as a family of four naturalistic mountain gorilla performers show off their gorilla antics with their intrepid explorer friend. The interactive performance is startlingly realistic and full of fun, combined with important conservation messages about mountain gorillas.

Showgoers will also be transported back to the Jurassic age with the all-new Dinosaur Adventures interactive walk-through exhibition. Featuring life-sized animated dinosaurs with reptilian skin that roar, breathe and stomp like real-life dinosaurs, visitors will experience the incredible world of dinosaurs as they walk through a fully-themed forest.

Today was great fun. I met the fantastic Mike Dalton from Channel 9, alongside some other fantastic media icons who were more than happy to be assisted by an intern.

I will also be featured in Studio 10 (10/04/14) with an abundance of adorable animals celebrating the commencement of such a renowned event. Then, I will be on the set of Mornings (11/04/14) doing the exact same thing, but to a larger extent. I’m really looking forward to this, as are my friends and family. What an amazing experience.

I will conclude in saying that this year’s Show is unmissable.
Not only will memories be made, but you will be making history.

For more information on the Sydney Royal Easter Show visit their website.
Buy tickets here, or conveniently, at your local Woolworths store!


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