Lupita? Oh, you mean, Peter Nyong’o Jr, yeah?

We all love it when a celebrity’s sibling emerges out of the dark, haunting pit of normalcy into the big, bright lights of Hollywood. First came Solange Knowles. Then there was Alex Watson. And more recently, the ‘Virgin Mobile’ guy who happened to be the one and only, Doug Pitt.

Well, a newcomer has set the benchmark high with his endearing personality, charm and knack for being in the right place at the right time. Oh, and don’t forget his Oscar-winning sister.
Who am I referring to?
Peter Nyong’o Jr.
… Duh.

Not only has Peter earned his place among Hollywood’s rich and famous, but, excuse my colloquialism — his selfie game is on point. First of all, he had the honour of posing in the most retweeted image on Twitter, ever. Secondly, he got the opportunity to pose next to the creme de le creme of the film industry. Who else can say they posed with the likes of Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Ellen DeGeneres and Brad Pitt, among others? Let me assure you, not many.

My Hero (x)

My Hero (x)

Surprisingly, however, this wasn’t the first time the dashing young photobomber posed beside his favourite stars.

According to the reputable source of PerezHilton.Com, these images encapsulate the reason why Peter should be deemed the most prolific photobomber of all time.

Superman, too? Peter's been a busy man.

Superman, too? Peter’s been a busy man.

The 'Nipplegate' Scandal

The ‘Nipplegate’ Scandal

But, back to reality, Peter’s one of Hollywood’s biggest assets at the moment. Not only does he have a gorgeously, talented actress (…and fashion icon) of a sister, but he was pivotal in, what can now be called, the best selfie of all time.

So hold on tight Pete, and don’t ever change, because we love you the way you are.

Oh, and don’t let this phase you ….

You know it, Lupita (x)

You know it, girl! (x)

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