A Night With Michelle Fairley


On the 6th March, I was lucky enough to be invited to HBO’s Sydney GAME OF THRONES Q&A with the lovely, Michelle Fairley. Not only were we blessed to be in the presence of Winterfell royalty, we were entertained by Season two’s infamous Battle of Blackwater Bay on the big screen at the beautiful Randwick Ritz Theatre.

As a self-confessed Game of Thrones fan, I was ecstatic to receive tickets to this prestigious event run by the wonderful, Popcorn Taxi. This ‘money can’t buy’ event was the place to be for fans of all ages, featuring The Iron Throne itself. The 350 pound marvel was ours to lord from as we sat upon the swords of the vanquished.
In other words, it was awesome. Just plain awesome.

Fairley, who plays Lady Catelyn Stark, spoke of her experiences on set, while relishing in the success of this addictive series.

Pssst … she even admitted to liking the Lannisters! Traitor!


“I like her strength and her perseverance … and also the fact that she can kick ass and she’s out for revenge … I respond well to that”

This promotional event meant that I received a free Season 1 DVD, alongside a freakishly-awesome ‘poster-banner’. The experience as a whole was extraordinary, especially seeing that I was only five rows from the front. For those unfamiliar with the show, be aware that it does come with some unwanted baggage – it’s highly addictive.

So, next time you have a day off or just want to splurge on the couch, then this is the perfect time to watch this ‘phenomenon’ (yes, the show has officially been named this).

Don’t say you weren’t warned!

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