There was no Indian in my Cupboard!

Cleaning brings both the best and worst out of people.
There’s that feeling of sluggishness and irritation, which inevitably concludes in a dramatic sigh of relief.

Today I cleaned my wardrobe. To speak with perfect candour, such a task has not been undertaken since we moved into this house. No, that was not a year or two ago. Not even three or four years ago. It was the year 1997, therefore making it almost fifteen years of wardrobe neglect. I was a very young child who hadn’t even commended school yet. I neatly placed my tiny clothes and toys into the empty wardrobe. The items in this cupboard grew in number each and every year. By the time I was 13, I was throwing stuff in there as if it were a garbage tip. I’ve always dreaded the thought of ever cleaning it, but I knew it had to be done. That wardrobe seriously hadn’t seen light since that sunny morning of August 1997.

Anyway, my point is, when you embark on such a treacherous journey you come across things you would never have guessed you’d find. To my surprise, I found a diary that was given to me on my 9th birthday, advertisements for films and shops from the late 90s, a graduation book which was given to my class when we graduated year 6 in 2004, and a rather embarrassing photo of my participation in a “teen circus” which meant we were wearing tight purple lycra bodysuits. What about the boys? You may ask. They wore it too. Oh, and no way in hell would I post that picture onto the Internet. You’d be blinded by the sight. There’s a feeling of nostalgia you get when you find something from your past. It’s  a warm and fuzzy type of feeling; a truly unexplainable one.

This is a discount ticket to the 1997 film Australian children’s film, JoeyThe small fonts states that it’s valid to 28/2/98. I remember this film being on television not so long ago, and thinking how much Sydney has changed since it was made. It starred Jamie Croft who is turning 31 this year, alongside Alex McKenna who will soon be 28. They were so young in the film, so it was quite mind-blowing to find this little piece of paper at the back of my wardrobe. Plus, I’m curious as to which Village Cinema I went to as there are currently none in my area.

I remember being given this diary for my 9th birthday. It had a beautiful scent to it, and for some reason, it was always a reminder of my nana. I didn’t like writing in it because I didn’t want to “ruin” the beauty of it. I was thrilled to have found this today. Oh, and guess what! It still holds that magnificent scent, despite the edges of it rusting up (evident in the picture too). For some odd reason, this diary feels as if it has belonged to me for much longer than 10 years. It was such a special gift and I remember putting it in my cupboard so nobody could steal it. Unfortunately, the memory was lost for many years, until today. I still can’t get my head around how beautiful it still smells!

If you’re Australian you must know of Shoes & Sox’s popularity. This store is renowned for their school shoes. In the early months of January and February, these stores are filled with children getting their feet fitted for the “right shoe” for school. During these months, televisions all over the country are bombarded with their persuasive ads which appear to work. As a result, I thought I’d share this “brochure”. This piece of paper has been in my wardrobe since we bought this house. It was a year before I needed school shoes, but due to my excitement towards starting school, I used to want and look at the shoes beforehand. Quite bizarre, actually. Plus, it’s very weird to see school shoes for under $30, as the average leather lace up shoe from this store is around the $60-80 mark nowadays. It feels like such a long time ago. I feel as if I’m holding a precious part of my past.

So, this was my year 10 school diary (2008). Obviously this discovery is nowhere as old as the rest, but it’s still important. This was the week of my school certificate, which no longer exists anymore. It was such a pointless set of exams. I still had two more years of school left, yet I was acting as if these exams determined my future career. That was absolute bull, as I totally flunked them. As soon as I found this, I turned to this “memorable” page. It’s funny to look at the “Year 3 Camp” reminder and think that those kids would be in year 7 now. Very scary.

Anyway, these little findings are reminders of the past. Even though the school diary holds some bad memories, it is something I will always treasure. These are as close to the past as I’ll ever get, and although I’m constantly told to “not look back”, it’s inevitable. They’re parts of my childhood, and they’ll never change.

What do you think?

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