Ad the Emotion?

Australia’s Leading Advertising, Marketing and Media Magazine AdNews centres on the business side of online, radio and television trading, specifically targeting and commentating on the hits and misses of advertising.

While skimming through the magazine this morning, I was intrigued at the recent reviews surrounding current advertisements currently screening on television sets, online and radio stations across Australia.

One I found extremely striking was for Newtown Flicks 2012 Film Festival. 

I find this advertisement quite unusual, yet clever at the same time. The quote “Get the inside out” is quirky and contrasted with the literal image of a female holding a camera to her mouth as if it were a gun.

Now, AdNews were quite disturbed by the slogan and its accompanying image due to its ambiguous nature which could be taken the wrong way. They questioned whether this image was supposed to represent a shotgun, while taking the piss at it as they humorously asked whether it may signify an endoscopy.

To be honest, at first glance I was a tad hesitant about the placement of the advertisement, in terms of the accompaniment of the sentence and its partnership with the image, which some may take offence to. However, after a few minutes of thinking about it, I find it quite crafty.

I see the sentence as encouraging young film makers to express their inner emotions through the medium of film, which is then complimented by the graphic. This image is comical in that it takes the slogan literally, hence adding a comical element to a fairly plain advertisement. Moreover, certain films communicate different thoughts and emotions to different people which is encapsulated by the female and the placement of her camera. The designer is encouraging us to see this simple ad in differing ways. Some may see it as a gun, others as an endoscopy, while others may simply see it as a camera on its own.

In all seriousness, I see it as a persuasive way in grasping the attention of artsy filmmakers through its ambiguous meaning which is very much a common element of short films nowadays.

On a different note …

A question was asked regarding the ‘best ad of all time’. The general marketing manager for Levis Australia Lisa Collier replied with the RSPCA’s ‘All animals big and small’ campaign. Despite it having been made over 20 years ago it’s still being played on television sets all over the country. It’s a timeless advertisement that appeals to all ages, which ironically matches its catchphrase. Personally, I remember it being played as a young child and gradually understanding the concept of animal shelters due to it. It’s harmless entertainment which leaves big and little kids ‘awing’ at the adorable animals walking across the screen. There’s barely any dialogue, yet it’s extremely effective and will remain on our screens for another 20 years … or even more!

What do you think?

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