Curse of the Broken Sunflower

So, it’s officially, my sunflower has been assaulted. By who? You may ask. By a flower-destroyer of some kind, who viciously attacks innocent sunflowers.

Deprived of human rights (for obvious reasons), the victim was brutally gashed and thrown down the nearby embankment by an unidentified individual, who is predicted to be residing in a nearby suburb. With no evidence supporting the cause/s behind the attack, the Benson family assure that there was nothing to suggest that the flower had met with foul play.

“She was growing so well,” Mr Benson stated at the crime scene, astonished as to why his pride and joy had been savagely attacked.

“Why was she targeted and nobody else? Treated as if she was garbage.”

The missing head of the sunflower was found at about 7.10am (AEST) of Tuesday (4/4) by the Benson family 

The family are adamant that they’ll avenge the death of their beloved sunflower by warning residents of the possible risks of planting flowers in the front yards of their houses.

“It’s just got to stop,” said Mr Benson.

The family are urging anyone with information to contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.


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