A Whole New World

Embarking into the realm of blogging is quite frightening, yet exhilarating. Realistically, nobody is reading this. So, in all honesty, I could criticise and openly speak about the most controversial topics of today.
Maybe that might get some attention …..

Anyway, the blossoming of my imagination began at the age of 3. Instead of engaging with the other children, I sat alone in my own little world. My parents found this behaviour quite bizarre, hence their constant questionings of my ‘developmental processes’. I never spoke to anybody other than my close friends and family and would prefer to embrace the imaginative world over the real world. I was not a child prodigy who expressed themselves through various forms of media, nor was I a parents ‘dream-child’. I guess I never really wanted to grasp the exterior world.

During school I failed close to everything. I was the only child in Kindergarten who couldn’t read by the second week and had absolutely no communication skills. In year 1, while everybody was counting from 1 to 100, I had trouble counting to 20. I struggled. It’s not that my peers were extremely intellectual, it was that I had trouble grasping the meaning of learning. I distinctly remember a thought that crossed my mind during show and tell in Kindergarten. While somebody was presenting their awesome new toy, I thought about my place in the world. I swear to god. I wondered why I was chosen to embark on life’s journey over all the other unborn children who I believed were floating above us in heaven desperate to be given the chance to live.

I had trouble expressing myself, however. I had so many interesting thoughts and questions that I was desperate to share, yet didn’t exactly know how. I began acting lessons which definitely played a part in improving this distinct part of my personality. I didn’t have to be myself, I could develop and grow into a fictional character. One whom I yearned to be. Then, in year 6, at a brand new school I gained a whole new view on life. My teacher, Ms. McCarthy was my inspiration. She believed in me when nobody else did. That’s when my writing abilities extraordinarily developed. My story was read out to the class. It was about my journey from a nobody to an Academy Award winning actress. I know this may sound a tad extreme, but it definitely sparked a continuation to write. During high school, I wrote little stories about people with whom I created and understood. While writing, I became them and wrote down what I believed they wanted me to say. Remember though, they were fictional.

All in all, that’s how my love for writing gradually developed. This surprisingly led to my achievements in the final two years of high school, where I was awarded dux of both years.

This blog is where I yearn to express my thoughts and feelings. No, it’s not a diary. It’s more like a media outlet in expression. I don’t expect to have 1000 followers, but to be able to inspire people and provide them with a new outlook on subjects and topics of interest. Oh, and making it fun, of course.

This is a place where I want to be free.

2 responses to “A Whole New World

    • Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog, and hope I can live up to your expectations. You’ve made my day!

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